Jae Chong

jae-chong-2016-03Jae Chong has 35 years of international business experience in Canada, U.S., Korea and a strong network all over the world. Immigrating to Toronto from Seoul in 1974, with an aptitude for math he soon graduated top of his class and earned a full scholarship to the computer science program at the University of Toronto, completing a Bachelor of Science in 1982. A few years later, Jae entered a Master of Arts in the MECA (Measurement Evaluation and Computer Applications) in Education program at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) in the University of Toronto. Combining his technical background with his passion for education, he was able to map the trajectory of his career to help the next generation thrive.

Jae started his career as a software developer. He developed the first Korean language word processor, which made him known in the industry as the ‘Father of Korean Word Processor’. As a serial entrepreneur, successfully founded and operated several IT companies, providing consulting services that range from business development to technological commercialization for a wide variety of industry clients. Jae possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, strong organization skills and international business management experience to excel in new growth opportunities. His experience has gained him a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of today’s complex IT technology and a wide range of contacts worldwide.

As an immigrant and entrepreneur, Jae played an important role as community builder, giving back to the Korean Canadian community in many ways. His extensive achievements in his community involvement roles includes: former Chair of the Foundation for Support of Korean Studies at the University of Toronto; former Chair of the Korean Canadian Cultural Association (KCCA), developing cross generational programs to link the first generation community leaders and young professionals, and publishing 50 year History book of Korean Canadians; former Chair of the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation (KCSF), doubling the assets during his term, developing mentorship programs to link high school students, university students, and young professionals; and recently involved in a broader community as a member of the Advisory Council at the TV Ontario; and President of the Canadian Multicultural Council, helping 20+ Asian community associations to grow together as an interconnected network.

Through his role as community builder and as entrepreneur, he has established a strong network with key influencers, opinion leaders, elected politicians and government officials within global technology startup ecosystem and international business community. As a Managing Partner of KIGA Labs, Jae is able to help technology startups to globalize and commercial their products/services and as a principal consultant at Avantis International, he provides market penetration and e-commerce orchestration service. Jae has a proven track record showing over a dozen success stories of companies he has helped.


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