Keiretsu International Angel Expo

As part of the Global Venture Week 2016, tech delegates from Korea participated in Keiretsu Forum Central Canada’s October 2016 Angel Capital Expo. The Keiretsu’s event was Toronto’s biggest event of the year by the world’s largest Angel Investor Network. With over 125 Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Fund Managers and government sectors present the Keirutsu Expo boasted an exceptional networking opportunity to the 30+ early stage companies, 60+ entrepreneurs and service providers.

Brought over by the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA) sponsored event, the Korean delegation of 20 companies were individually featured by KigaLabs Toronto and brought significant interest to the delegates. The expo gave the opportunity to the delegates a chance to present their companies to the Canadian market. Investing opportunities, market research and awareness of the Korean delegates brought in high interest and attention within Keiretsu and its members.

Canada-Korea Startup Venture Forum

As part of the Global Venture Week 2016, 16 tech delegates from Korea along with KigaLabs Toronto held the 2nd Canada-Korea Startup Venture Forum in Toronto. The full day event held at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto featured sector specific presentation pitches, a demo-day showcase, a networking reception and dinner.

The forum ran by KigaLabs, sponsored and collaborated with the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA) and the International Network of Korean Entrepreneurs (INKE), invited over 150 businessmen and businesswomen of Toronto’s tech industry. The presentations allowed the 16 Korean delegates, trained and mentored through the Global Venture Week 2016, pitch their product and company to investors and industry leaders of Toronto. The demo-day gave the opportunity for 1-on-1 meetings and IR meetings for the delegates. The networking reception and dinner was held to give further awareness for the Korean start-ups entry and willingness to soft land in the Toronto’s tech market.

The Canada-Korea Venture Forum allowed the 16 Korean delegates develop direct relationship with Toronto businesses and an opportunity for cooperation for future projects.